What this Project/Blog is about

Hey guys, Sinshroud here.

Welcome to my World of Warcraft blog – which is mostly focused on my efforts to make gold as well as a way for me to provide my readers with excellent and quality written WoW Guides. I have nicknamed my blog the Can’t Get Enough Gold Project (CGEG-Project).

Originally I created this blog with the intentions to document as many of my experimentation in different Gold whoring making techniques in my quest to reach a satisfying amount of gold, but after a while I realized that I simply do not have the time and do not want to be obligated to meed certain expectations.

Instead I am going to be simply posting what ever I feel like, when ever I feel like it on here. It may be updates about me and my characters, it may be links to other good blog posts or guides, it may be rants or opinions, etc. I hope this blog proves to be resourceful to my readers and will do my best to keep it up-to-date with all my latest techniques, discoveries and resources.


  1. April 6th, 2011

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