Ironforge Limited Supply Route – 3 Minutes 32 Seconds = 7g Cost, +-1,000g Profit

So a while ago I released my Outlands Limited Supply – A Lucrative Market Guide on MMOwned and The Consortium Forums and it was a huge success.
Now this kind of strategy can be applied all over World of Warcraft.

Here is a quick example of how I spent 3 minutes and 32 seconds, 6 gold and came out with an estimated profit of 733 gold. Unfortunately this guide is only for the Alliance since it’s based on Ironforge Vendors, but the Horde Equivalent items can be found in Orgrimmar too from the equivalent suppliers.

I know the video didn’t come out all thaaaat wonderful, so below I’ve got a nice map for you describing where to go as well as links to all the NPCs so you can just find them on Wowhead’s maps.

Somethings to keep in mind:

  • Not all the items listed below were available in the video due to them not spawning at that time.
  • My purchase prices might be a bit lower than yours if you are not Exalted with Ironforge.
  • Yes the profit IS server dependent, and they do sell differently on different servers. Generally if there aren’t any up, you should just throw the item up for 80-150g because in reality 150g is next to nothing at level 85.

Thistlefuzz Arcanery

Tilli Thistlefuzz <Enchanting Supplies>

  • Formula: Enchant 2H Weapon – Lesser Intellect
    • Buy: 4s 25c
    • Sell: 110-150g
  • Formula: Lesser Wizard Oil
    • Buy: 34s
    • Sell: 15-20g
  • Formula: Minor Mana Oil
    • Buy: 25s 50c
    • Sell: 5-10g
  • Formula: Minor Wizard Oil
    • Buy: 4s 25c
    • Sell: 10-15g
  • Pattern: Enchanted Mageweave Pouch
    • Buy: 51s
    • Sell: 2-5g

The Bronze Kettle

Emrul Riknussun <Cooking Supplies>

  • Recipe: Sagefish Delight
    • Buy: 40s
    • Sell: 5-10g
  • Recipe: Smoked Sagefish
    • Buy: 4s
    • Sell: 2-4g

Burbik’s Supplies

Burbik Gearspanner <Trade Supplies>

  • Design: The Jade Eye
    • Buy: 21s 25c
    • Sell: 40-50g
  • Design: Opal Necklace of Impact
    • Buy: 63s
    • Sell: 50-70g

Stonebrow’s Clothies

Outfitter Eric < Specialty Tailoring Supplies>

  • Pattern: Tuxedo Jacket
    • Buy: 42s 50c
    • Sell: 20-40g
  • Pattern: Lavender Mageweave Shirt
    • Buy: 34s
    • Sell: 60-70g
  • Pattern: Pink Mageweave Shirt
    • Buy: 34s
    • Sell: 90-100g
  • Pattern: Tuxedo Pants
    • Buy: 38s 25c
    • Sell: 60-70g
  • Pattern: Tuxedo Shirt
    • Buy: 38s 25c
    • Sell: 20-40g

Finespindle’s Leather Goods

Bombus Finespindle <Leatherworking Supplies>

  • Pattern: Heavy Leather Ball
    • Buy: 16s
    • Sell: 50-100g

Things That Go Boom

Fizzlebang Booms <Fireworks Vendor>

  • Red Fireworks Rocket
    • Buy:  85s
    • Sell: 3-4g

Berryfizz’s Potions and Mixed Drinks

Soolie Berryfizz <Alchemy Supplies>

  • Recipe: Elixir of Superior Defense
    • Buy: 1g 30s
    • Sell: 80-100g
  • Recipe: Free Action Potion
    • Buy: 18s
    • Sell: 200-300g (yes seriously, it’s awesome for twinks and pvp)

Springspindle’s Gadgets

Gearcutter Cogspinner <Engineering Supplies>

  • Schematic Steam Tonk Controller
  • Schematic: Blue Firework
    • Buy: 15s 30c
    • Sell: 60-70g
  • Schematic: Gnomish Universal Remote
    • Buy: 10s 20c
    • Sell: 80-90g

Total Cost = +- 6g 58s

Total Sale Price = +- 1086g


Guest Post: New Money-Making Project of Goblins from Gadgetzan

This is a guest post of sorts as well as a shoutout to

sT@N, one of MMOwned’s NewsTeam Members wrote a very interesting and original article about something that I don’t think got enough love for its value.

The Irony is people who like to make a lot of gold in World of Warcraft often give themselves the nickname of a  “goblin” (even before Goblins were added as a race to World of Warcraft). Goblins are notorious for never doing anything for anyone unless it brings them a profit.

Therefore this big event that they are doing must be to reap a profit of some sorts too. From the looks of the screenshots, maybe it’s a car mount-wash?

Frankly, this is the first time I see a mob washing another one. I clearly do not know anything about their aims with the poor mammoths, but someone should better call D.E.H.T.A. !

Anyways here is a bit of the article for you to read:

Feralas seems to be the next zone, where the Gadgetzan goblins are extending their business. Located at the very south of Feralas, Patch 4.1 adds a little town and a beach.

Here is the screenshot of the zone as of now, before the patch. It’s rather dull anduninhabited.

This is how the area looks now. Once dull, now a beach! What an awesome idea.There are many mobs (from humans through orcs) having a tan and swimming, if you talk to them, they will complain about how expensive that place is.

The article contains 14 Screenshots in total, a few with some very amusing titles too 😛

You can read the full post over at MMOwned: New Money-Making Projects of Goblins from Gadgetzan.

Great article sT@N!

First official blog post – A WARNING to Fellow Bloggers

All your blogs belong to me…resistance is futile!

Haha ok no really, this isn’t actually a hostile post at all. In fact I am extremely excited about joining the WoW Blogging Community that I have been following and interacting with for a while now.
Today I would actually like to talk about some of the security issues that come with running a blog, that many bloggers don’t actually know about.

Themes. Themes, Themes, Themes, Themes, Themes… Most Blogs (including mine) are based off custom or pre-made Blogging Themes, usually specifically designed for WordPress. Its SO much easier and efficient than designing your own blog website form scratch – even if you are a pro web-scripter.

The problem now lies, in WHERE you get the themes from. There are plenty of places that you can illegally download some of the top Professional Paid-For Blogging Themes for FREE, if you know where to look or how to use Google. There are also plenty of websites offering free themes that you can use without many restrictions.

Regardless of which route you choose to go, unless you actually BUY the theme from a very well known company (and even then sometimes), you have the risk of them taking advantage of your website, your content, your traffic and your readers for their own personal gain.

A Sneaky Rogue Picpocketing All Your Adsense and Referrals!

A Sneaky Rogue Picpocketing All Your Adsense and Referrals!

An easy example

Some themes contain backdoors in them, which allow access to your website’s files and file hosting. This means that those who put it there, can then gain access to all your information, your readers email addresses (sure you might guarantee them privacy, but the hackers won’t) and stored usenames/passwords.

They can also go into your blog and edit your CPA, Adsense or other advertisement links so that it uses their Ref link instead, or even simply just links to their own website without you even noticing the difference. They are now stealing your hard earned cash that you really deserve.

Often it can work similarly to Illegal Cookie Stuffing (which can also contain viruses)

Another Example

Is something less damaging or alarming, but still not quite right. They will insert a piece of code into your template pages that gives them backlinks from your site (including to possibly some unsavory websites such as Sex Shops or even websites that host Illegal Content!). Often if you spot this piece of code in the Theme they will also include a comment something like “By law you are not allowed to remove the above code”.

FTP Programs

Normally when you use FTP Programs (such as FileZilla for example – what I use) to upload and replace the content on your websites via FTP, the programs store your account details in its memory, so that you can quickly login and access your files. Generally their File Encryption isn’t very strong and can easily be hacked and decrypted.

The hacker then has free reign over your website’s files to do the above mentioned deeds. I would recommend that you choose to never remember the passwords or at least clear your history in them once in a while.

BruteForce Protection

BruteForce attacks on your website’s login (especially something simple like WordPress’s WP-Admin Login screen) are rather common and eventually effective.

However the funny thing is, it is SOOO easy to protect yourself from a ButeForce attack on your WordPress account by installing simple Plugins that limit the amount of login attempts that can be made and automatically bans the IP address when that does happen. For check this post for more information on WordPress Login Protection from BruteForce Attacks Plugins


If you are worried about your Blog’s security, or was alarmed to know that such things could occur and you didn’t even realize it, I highly recommend that you go do some good old Google Search Research and brush your knowledge on the subject back to a fit shape.

If you are concerned I would recommend that you check out this link on How to find a backdoor in a hacked WordPress

It covers stuff like:

  • Added Code – such as “eval($_POST[‘attacker_key’]);
  • How to Hide Code – Gives you recommendations of where to hide your own code, and where to look for hidden malicious code
  • Database Obfuscation

Read through some of the helpful comments on that article too.

Something else you should get (just for added precuation and general Computer/Internet Security is the Mozzila Firefox plugin (or other browser equivalent) called VTzilla.

VTzilla is a Mozilla Firefox browser plugin that simplifies the process of scanning Internet resources with VirusTotal. It allows you to download files directly with VirusTotal’s web application prior to storing them in your PC. Moreover, it will not only scan files, but also URLs.

The scanning options are embedded in Firefox’s context menu and download dialog, making the analysis process as easy as clicking a single button.

Seriously though guys, please pass this information along to fellow bloggers and even readers alike. Raise the awareness and help protect the blogging community 🙂

I hope you guys enjoyed my first official blog post!

My Current Situation

I think it’s nice to be able to be a bit personal with my readers, so I would like to give you all a bit of insight into my current situation with gold in World of Warcraft.
It’s not the best, there are many players who have far more greater amounts of gold than me, however I’m more limited by the amount of time that I have to play, than by the amount of knowledge and skills that I have.

My Characters and their Profession Combinations

I have been playing on the US WoW servers since the beginning of Pre-BC up until January 2009. In January (about mid WOTLK – around early TOC time)) I made the huge big move from US to the EU servers for a better timezone. Naturally I lost all of my characters and had to start over.

  • Level 85 Shaman – Inscription and Enchanting
  • Level 85 Warrior – Jewelcrafting and Blacksmithing
  • Level 83 Paladin – Mining
  • Level 80 Death Knight – Herbalism and Alchemy
  • Level 68 Druid – Tailoring (only just high enough for netherweave bags haha)

Between my two accounts my other noteworthy alts are Level 60 Priest (no profs), Level 55 Warrior (no profs), Level 15 Rogue (level 5-10 mining and skinning), Level 70 Mage (no profs). So I need to work on getting those up to 84ish or higher in order to benefit fully from their profession slots.

At the moment I am perfectly happy with my current professions (I’ve actually never dealt with Engineering, Skinning or Leatherworking much in terms of making gold), so I don’t have much experience with them but I have definitely seen some great opportunities out there.

My Ideal Character and Profession Setup

I think my ideal setup would look something like this:

  • First Level 85 – Inscription and Enchanting (though Enchanting + Eng or Alch has been profitable in the past so might be in the future somehow too)
  • Second Level 85 – Jewelcrafting + Blacksmithing
  • Third Level 85 – Mining + Herbalism (preferably on a druid)
  • Fourth Level 85 – Alchemy + Engineering
  • Fifth Level 85 – Alchemy + Tailoring
  • Sixth Level 85 – Alchemy + Engineering
  • Seventh Level 85 – Skinning + Leatherworking
  • Eight Level 85 – Alchemy + Jewelcrafting/Tailoring
  • Ninth Level 85 – Alchemy + Jewelcrafting

Having more than 1 Alchemist is obvious, for the transmutes, and the multiple Engineering and Tailoring are for the different specializations. The Triple JC is for the tokens, so that if Blizzard ever add new JC recipes (even if you don’t use the current tokens for them) I will be able to cover the market quicker than more people.

Current Gold

Here is what BigPicture has to say:

323,044gold on my main character, with a networth of around 400,000gold in total on my main account. Second account probably has about 5-10k, not much.

It definitely gets easier to make more gold, the more gold you have – basics of Economies of Scale, so I shouldn’t take too long for me to reach my short term goal of about half a million. Lately I’ve been spending more time investigating different markets and strategies than actually employing them, but I hope to share some of my progress on my blog soon!

My Other Resources

I’ve been fairly active in the guide writing community over the past few years, most notably on The Consortium Forums and MMOwned. Instead of just reposting everything that I have written so far on those forums, I thought I would rather just post a couple of links to some of the more helpful or recent ones.

Addon Guides:

General Resources:

More Advanced Stuff:

What this Project is about

Hey guys, Sinshroud here.

Welcome to my World of Warcraft blog – which is mostly focused on my efforts to make gold as well as a way for me to provide my readers with excellent and quality written WoW Guides. I have nicknamed my blog the Can’t Get Enough Gold Project (CGEG-Project).

Originally I created this blog with the intentions to document as many of my experimentation in different Gold whoring making techniques in my quest to reach a satisfying amount of gold, but after a while I realized that I simply do not have the time and do not want to be obligated to meed certain expectations.

Instead I am going to be simply posting what ever I feel like, when ever I feel like it on here. It may be updates about me and my characters, it may be links to other good blog posts or guides, it may be rants or opinions, etc. I hope this blog proves to be resourceful to my readers and will do my best to keep it up-to-date with all my latest techniques, discoveries and resources.


Welcome to the Can’t Get Enough Gold Blog!

Hi there, welcome to my Blog. If you new, I would recommend you check out the following:

  • About Me – Learn a bit about me, Sinshroud, and help me build a better relationship with you all.
  • What This Project/Blog Is About – Find out a bit more about what my goals are and the reasons behind this blog.
  • Follow Me on Twitter (@Sinshroud) – I Tweet daily, and not just about my blog. I’m determined to provide interesting information to my readers no matter where its from.