Cataclysm Jewelcrafting Daily Guide + Profiting Other JCs Doing The Daily

Similar to the WOTLK JC Dailies, there are several different possible quests (in this case 5), of which 1 appears randomly each day.

The quests range from crafting and handing in 3 uncommon Cataclysm gems, to killing Cataclysm mobs for item drops to running around making people sparkle.

On completing the daily you get given a gold coin reward as well as an Illustrious Jewelcrafter’s Token. These tokens then allow you to purchase JC related items and designs for new cuts.

The 5 JC Daily Quests are:

  • A Present for Lila – In this quest all you need to do is cut and turn in three Timeless Nightstones.
  • Nibbler! No! – In this quest all you need to do is cut and turn in three Solid Zephyrites.
  • Ogrezonians in the Mood – In this quest all you need to do is cut and turn in three Jagged Jaspers.
  • Elemental Goo – In this quest you need to collect 10 Elemental Goo from Elementals that are scattered all over the new Cataclysm zones and dungeons.
    • This often can be completed by simply queuing and completing your daily Heroic or Dungeon since most Cataclysm Heroics and Dungeons will contain elementals of some sort.
  • The Latest Fashion – In this quest you need to test the Stardust No .2 on 10 humanoid subjects.
    • My personal favorite because it can be completed in a matter of seconds, just run around spamming the Stardust on yourself, the quest gives in front of you, any other players doing the JC quest/standing near by and the closest pair of Stormwind Guards if need be.

Some things to note:

  • The JC Dailies are the same for Alliance and Horde, I just happened to link the Alliance quests above.
  • Minimum JC level to unlock the dailies is 475
  • The “A Present for Lila”, “Nibbler! No!” and “Ogrezonians in the Mood” quests require you to cut the gems after you have acquired the quest. You cannot pre-craft them or buy them off the AH (it only completes half the quest objectives).
  • Perfect Gems do not count.
  • Everyone on your server gets the same daily.

It should be quite clear to you now how you can take advantage of this.

  1. Keep a full stack or two of Nightstone, Zephyrite and Jasper in your bags or bank.
  2. On days that the daily is the one that needs Nightstone, Zephyrite and Jasper, be sure to throw a good chunk of yours up on the AH for inflated prices. Post most of them in groups of 3 for increase convenience of your buyers as well. Most people are willing to pay an extra 10-15g for a chunk of 3 than have to buy them 3 times.
  3. Try stock up on Nightone, Zephyrite and Jasper on days that they are not the daily (prices will be much lower) or from prospecting ore. If you follow some form of Elementium/Obsidium/Pyrite Ore shuffle, then subtracting a couple of gems here and there from your profits shouldn’t affect it too much, and you will get those profits back from selling the gems on the daily day as well.

Enchanting – Just Entered the Market

I’ve just entered a market that I have been particularly avoiding for some reason ever since the beginning of Wrath. That market is enchanting and enchant scrolls, and I must say I am finally enjoying it and definitely reaping the benefits. I will post some of my tips about my current Enchanting Strategies later on in my blog.

After just a couple days I had just over 30,000gold worth of enchant scrolls up on the Auction House and had already sold about15,000 gold worth of them. The great thing was, about half of these scrolls were made out of materials that had been sitting in my bank since WOTLK and throughout Cataclysm.

My strategy is pretty simple, I spent a couple of days studying the market and the cost prices, remembering where all the mats came from etc and then jumped right in. I have quite a solid price database in both Auctioneer and TradeSkillMaster so that is a huge help.

I setup all my TradeSkillMaster Enchanting Groups by following Zoxy’s Guide on TSM AH Profession Groups Setup – Easy Mode (basically you have a group for each and every enchant, and all that is housed under one Enchanting category).

Run a TSM Scan for Enchanting Profession, open your TSM Tradeskill Window and queue those suckers up. I have a good estimate on pricing so I can normally spot if the price or profit for a certain enchant looks a bit odd. I also know which enchants generally are needed the most and sell the best so can choose how many of each I want to craft.

Usually I craft 3 at a time though.

Dalaran Limited Supply Route – Under 5 Minutes = 700g cost and 1200g profit

I’ve now released my Outlands Limited Supply –  A Luctrative Market Guide and my Ironforge Limited Supply Route – 3 Minutes 32 Seconds = 7g Cost, +- 1,000g Profit Guide and they were both a big success with a lot of good feedback. Here is my next installment of the many many limited supply routes that I have lined up for you all.

As usual, I have included a nice map describing where to go as well as links to all the NPCs so that you can find them on Wowhead’s maps + items you can buy from them.

Somethings to keep in mind:

  • Not all items listed below were available for me to buy in the video, and some might not be available to you either due to them not spawning at that current time.
  • My purchase prices might be a bit lower than yours depending on your reputation levels.
  • Yes the profit IS server dependent, and they do sell differently on different servers. Generally if there aren’t any up, you should put the items up quite high because in reality 80-300g is next to nothing at level 85.
  • On a positive note, this is probably the most effective and profitable one out of my three Limited Supply Guides so far. These items seem to sell very very quickly (especially the pets and the 2 hats).

Out Doors:

Aerith Primrose <Flower Vendor>

  • Beautiful Wildflowers
    • Buy: 18s
    • Sell: 50-70g
  • Black Rose
    • Buy: 45s
    • Sell: 40-60g
  • Bouquet of White Roses
    • Buy: 1g 80s
    • Sell: 30-40g
  • Bouquet of Black Roses
    • Don’t buy, the price ins’t worth the risk/profit
  • Red Rose
    • Buy: 4s 50c
    • Sell: 30-50g
  • Simple Wildflowers
    • Buy: 1s 80c
    • Sell: 50-60g

Magical Menagerie

Breanni <Pet Supplies>

  • Albino Snake
    • Buy: 45g
    • Sell: 90-120g
  • Calico Cat
    • Buy: 45g
    • Sell: 80-120g
  • Obsidian Hatchling
    • Buy: 45g
    • Sell: 80-100g

One More Glass

Christi Stockton <Wine Vendor>

  • Wine Glass
    • Buy: 4g 50s
    • Sell: 80g
  • Red Wine Glass
    • Buy: 9g
    • Sell: 80g

The Scribes Sancellum

Larana Drome <Inscription Supplies>

  • Technique: Glyph of Lash of Pain
    • Buy: 7g 20s
    • Sell: 40-60g
  • Technique: Glyph of Mana Shield
    • Buy: 2g 70s
    • Sell: 15-25g

The Wonderworks

Jepetto Joybuzz <Toymaker>

  • Grindgear Toy Gorilla
    • Buy: 40s 50c
    • Sell: 45-60g

The Threads of Fate

Karandonna <Clothier>

Here I generally but what ever looks good, because normally I trade bark these shirts to advertise them, so it needs to make a good impression. I will just list 5.
You might want to experiment a bit first and just buy 1 or 2 to see if you managed to sell them on your server before investing too much.

  • Scarlet Filgreed Doublet
    • Buy: 45g
    • Sell: 80-90g
  • Ebon Filgreed Doublet
    • Buy: 49g 50s
    • Sell: 90-100g
  • Blue Martial Shirt
    • Buy: 33g 75s
    • Sell: 90-100g
  • Red Martial Shirt
    • Buy: 36g
    • Sell: 80-90g
  • Green Martial Shirt
    • Buy: 31g 50s
    • Sell: 90-100g

Chameli Banapash <Haberdasher>

The Violet Hat sells EXTREMELY well on my server for some reason, maybe people just have a fetish for purple pointy hats, who knows but they just can’t get enough of em!

  • Purple Turban
    • Buy: 90g
    • Sell: 140-160g
  • Violet Hat
    • Buy: 49g 50s 01c
    • Sell: 120-130g

First to Your Aid

Angelique Butler <First Aid Supplies>

  • Antiseptic-Soaked Dressing
    • Buy: 22g 50s
    • Sell: 40-50g
  • Wound Dressing
    • Buy: 18g
    • Sell: 40-50g
  • Dalaran Nurse’s Gown
    • Buy: 67g 49s 99c
    • Sell: 80-90g

Talismanic Textiles

Ainderu Summerleaf <Mooncloth Tailoring Specialist>

  • Pattern: Primal Mooncloth
    • Buy: 3g 60s
    • Sell: 40-50g

Lalla Brightweave <Spellfire Tailoring Specialist>

  • Pattern: Spellcloth
    • Buy: 3g 60s
    • Sell: 40-50g

Linna Bruder <Shadowweave Tailoring Specialist>

  • Pattern: Shadowcloth
    • Buy: 3g 60s
    • Sell: 50-60g

Like Clockwork

Bryan Landers <Engineering Supplies>

  • Schematic: Titanium Toolbox
    • Buy: 7g 20s
    • Sell: 20-30g

Total Cost = +- 696g 79s

Total Sale Price = +- 1900g

Profit = +- 1203g 21s








Handy Milling and Prospecting Macros

A while ago I got fed up of clicking on milling, finding the damn herbs in my bags and then clicking on them, waiting for it to mill then repeating the process. So I decided to compile a list of Prospecting and Milling Macros.

Milling Macro 1: Pre-BC Herbs

  • /cast Milling
  • /use Earthroot
  • /use Peacebloom
  • /use Silverleaf
  • /use Mageroyal
  • /use Briarthorn
  • /use Swiftthistle
  • /use Bruiseweed
  • /use Stranglekelp
  • /use Wild Steelbloom
  • /use Grave Moss
  • /use Kingsblood
  • /use Liferoot
  • /use Dragon’s Teeth
  • /use Fadeleaf

Milling Macro 2: Pre-BC Herbs

  • /cast Milling
  • /use Goldthorn
  • /use Khadgar’s Whisker
  • /use Firebloom
  • /use Purple Lotus
  • /use Arthas’ Tears
  • /use Sungrass
  • /use Blindweed
  • /use Ghost Mushroom
  • /use Gromsblood
  • /use Golden Sansam
  • /use Dreamfoil
  • /use Mountain Silversage
  • /use Sorrowmoss
  • /use Icecap

Milling 3: TBC Herbs

  • /cast Milling
  • /use Dreaming Glory
  • /use Felweed
  • /use Terocone
  • /use Ragveil
  • /use Ancient Lichen
  • /use Mana Thistle
  • /use Netherbloom
  • /use Nightmare Vine

Milling 4: WOTLK + Cataclysm Herbs

  • /cast Milling
  • /use Deadnettle
  • /use Goldclover
  • /use Talandra’s Rose
  • /use Tiger Lily
  • /use Fire Leaf
  • /use Fire Seed
  • /use Adder’s Tongue
  • /use Icethorn
  • /use Lichbloom
  • /use Cinderbloom
  • /use Stormvine
  • /use Azshara’s Veil
  • /use Heartblossom
  • /use Twilight Jasmine

Prospecting 1: Pre-BC, TBC, WOTLK and Cataclysm Ore

  • /cast Prospecting
  • /use Copper Ore
  • /use Tin Ore
  • /use Iron Ore
  • /use Mithril Ore
  • /use Thorium Ore
  • /use Fel Iron Ore
  • /use Adamantite Ore
  • /use Cobalt Ore
  • /use Saronite Ore
  • /use Titanium Ore
  • /use Obsidium Ore
  • /use Elementium Ore
  • /use Pyrite Ore

What I do then is, I put my macros on my second Action Bar (you should be able to just go SHIFT + Mouse Scroll Up/Down to switch the action bars, even on default Blizzard UI).

Catching up on Achievements

A RL friend of mine ingame and I have decided to put a little bit of time aside each week to catch up a bit on some of the achievements that we have missed out on in the past. For me my character was a RAF Boost Baby just intime for Cataclysm and for him, he quit wow during TBC and came back first week of Cataclysm (on a different character).

So we have both missed a significant amount of achievements, some of them really simply too such as the Classic Dungeon Master, etc.

Past week I have achieved in my spare time now:

  • Of The Shattered Sun Title (woop di doo 1000g downt he drain haha)
  • The Guardian of Cenarius Title (I was already exalted with CE, just had to do the CC grind)
  • The Diplomat Title (That’s Timerbaw, Sporeggar and Kurenai Factions Exalted – I was already exalted with Kurenai)
  • The Explorer Title (After exploring just about the whole world,then realizing that when in the Draenei starting area + their next zone, the BE starting area + their next zone and Ghostlands, you cannot use your flying mount…really suuuucks)
  • Some Ulduar Achievements
  • Some Naxxramas Achievements
  • Some ICC Achievements
  • Classic Dungeon Master
  • And a couple of other smaller ones

I have many more lined up and will post some of them as I go along.

It’s a nice way to de-stress, just flying around peacefully snagging all these easy achievements or reveling in nostalgic memory of all the old instances.

My Inspirations

About a year ago, I got the idea into my head that I wanted to start a blog. I registered the domain, chose my theme, made a few posts, but before I actually released it to the public I decided to call it off, partly because I was just very busy in RL and partly because I just didn’t feel ready to start it up yet. Didn’t have enough connections or confidence etc.

My main inspiration for blogging originated from Saate over at His was the first blog that I actually followed on a daily/weekly basis. I bumped into him on a World of Warcraft forum and we have kept in touch on skype ever since. I was completely hooked by the quality of material that he wrong and he passions for specific things within World of Warcraft.

I recommend you check his blog out when you have a chance. He has a bit for everyone on there.

So after reading Saate’s blog, I knew that I wanted to combine blogging with my gold making experience and decided that I wanted to create a Gold Guide Blog of some sort.

I came across Tella’s Blog at and was completely fascinated with the idea of documenting the journey to the gold cap, and Tella is infact now sitting on her amazing goal of over 1 million gold.
I one sitting, I read through her ENTIRE blog, from post number one right up to the end.

Although she no longer updates the blog, and some of the methods/addons used are a bit out of date, I still recommend that you go give it a read from beginning to end if you are new to making gold and want to get a very good perspective of how it should be done.

Ok so a year later now and I’m back to starting my own blog, with fierce determination, a solid plan of action this time and a mean post lineup.

There are three WoW Gold Bloggers in specific that I have managed to develop a decent relationship with over these past few months, mostly thanks to The Consortium’s IRC Channel.

I proudly present to you Anaalius from, Zoxy from and The Gold Queen from

I would also like to add a shoutout to The MMOwned Forums and The Consortium Forums which have both played a big roll in developing and maintaining my interest in World of Warcraft and are both great communities.