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Bottlenecking Blacksmithing Leveling Materials in 4.3

When 4.3 goes live, Blacksmithing is speculated to be the best raiding profession due to it gaining extra stats from epic gem sockets (other profession benefits aren’t being scaled up as far as I know).

We can expect a lot of people to be switching to Blacksmithing once the patch goes live, some even doing it right now. It’s so easy to benefit off people powerleveling professions as it is, just by creating a monopoly on certain raw materials – and it’s going to get even better. Blacksmithing Guide Approximate Materials Required for 1-525:

Alright so firstly, your priority should be to create and sell Blacksmithing Profession Kits ala Namssob.

Once you have say 3-5 kits ready to go, your next priority should be to remove or monopolize specific necessary materials. Good examples are:

[Silver Bar], [Gold Bar], [Mithril Bar], [Thorium Bar], [Adamantite Bar], [Cobalt Bar], [Saronite Bar], [Eternal Earth], [Eternal Shadow] and [Eternal Water] – this also should include their respective ores and crystallized fragments.

After that, you want to ensure you can cater for the lazy or those without a miner. Start turning ore into bars and selling them at higher prices. Try convenient stack sizes such as 7 x [Silver Bar] or 5 x [Gold Bar]. Try get away with selling some [Coal] on the AH too, which is needed to make [Steel Bar].

Finally you are going to want to try and do some relevant vendor recipe flipping. Meaning [Plans: Mithril Scale Bracers], [Plans: Lesser Ward of Shielding] and [Plans: Adamantite Cleaver].

Happy Goblineering!