Making gold with very little to invest

I was tempted to start this post off as a “How to make gold on a fresh server/as a lowbie/from scratch” but too many people seem to post these kind of things anyways. Instead I will just do a few of these over the course of running my blog, and try provide a bit more detail instead of just one sentence for each thing.

Hatchling Pets:

This has always been a personal favorite of mine after getting the tip from my friend Saate who also runs a World of Warcraft blog over at – Massively Obsessed.

In the past farming these pets became quite popular because all you had to do was camp the Rare (“Silver Elite”) mob spawn and there were several addons out here that would help alert you to those kind of mob’s presence.

There was a patch a few months back that removed the pets from the above mentioned mobs loot tables. Instead now you had to hunt down their “nest” and loot it like a chest in order to obtain the pet. The mobs and nests both have about a 4-6 hour respawn timer but they spawn independently of each other.

I have 1 alt parked at each general spawn point area so that every morning, afternoon and evening I login, scout around for the nests and loot any I see. More often than not I end the day with 2-5 pets if not more.
The nests have 3-4 different possible spawn points in the general area, so I recommend getting an addon such as Cartographer that lets you make notes at certain coordinates. Every time you loot a nest at a new location then make a note. After a week or so you should have looted a nest at every possible location, then it’s just a matter of quickly connecting the dots.

How to spot a nest:

Their Locations:

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