How not to get scammed when prospecting/DEing/Milling

Not everyone has access to every profession in game, and often people opt to have crafting professions over primary professions because they can just buy the primary professions materials and craft with them for a profit.

Let’s face it, the amount of subtle scamming that goes on like this is pretty high, especially when its something small that can be passed off as an “accidental mistake” so that Blizzard cannot easily punish the person.

Well there is a way! I use an addon called Xloot, which is actually an awesome tool for dealing with loot, especially for raid leaders.

I forgot to add in the above screenshot that “Unholyshield” is the player that is receiving the loot.

I currently have these components installed:

  • Xloot (core addon)
  • XlootGroup (minimalistic item roll frames – very nice)
  • XlootMaster (highly configurable master loot drop down menu)
  • XlootMonitor (a live monitor of loot picked up by yourself and party members)

For this specific solution, you will only need Xloot and XlootMonitor, but I would recommend getting the whole set because they work so darn nicely 🙂

Fadeout Timer:

First you will want to adjust the timeout option, basically the loot fades away over time from the list which is handy during raids because you don’t want an entire dungeon list of loot clogging up your screen. But you don’t want the items to fade away before your friend is finished prospecting or milling, etc.

Setting it to 0 will remove the fadeout timer so it won’t fadeout. (I recommend this setting for when getting things prospected or milled, etc)

Stack Threshold:

This setting allows you to choose how many items you want to be displayed at once. In a raid you might only want say 3-5 items shown at a time (typical amount of boss loot). But on for prospecting and milling you might want to set it to 10 or even 20 to be safe.

UI Scale:

Lastly the UI scale by default for this is very small so it’s not too obtrusive in your UI, but you may wish to increase it quite a bit.

Enjoy  🙂

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