Guest Post: Set your Hearth to Profit, A Travel Guide

Thomus from The Consortium Forums made a great post titled Set your Hearth to Profit, A Travel Guide, and I thought I would give his post some love.

I won’t spoil the post by writing about it all here, but to me the most intriguing thing was the use of a special quest in Silithus that teleports you to Blasted Lands.

So you might be thinking “Thomus, thanks for bringing up the port in Silithus, I’ll try that out, but I’ve got my hearth set to *Capital City* and I can just use the Cata ports to get to Uldum and therefore Silithus, so what’s the big deal.

Well the point here is to allow someone, like a lvl 5 character travel at great speed and distance without having to level to 83. Well, technically lvl 5… or I should say lvl 60 DK, but that’s a topic for another guide =D

Check out the original post for the full route and all these neat little tips and tricks that will improve your dull life of “Hearth to Stormwind, Portal, Do task, Heart to Stormwind, Portal, Do Task, repeat”.

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