Cataclysm Jewelcrafting Daily Guide + Profiting Other JCs Doing The Daily

Similar to the WOTLK JC Dailies, there are several different possible quests (in this case 5), of which 1 appears randomly each day.

The quests range from crafting and handing in 3 uncommon Cataclysm gems, to killing Cataclysm mobs for item drops to running around making people sparkle.

On completing the daily you get given a gold coin reward as well as an Illustrious Jewelcrafter’s Token. These tokens then allow you to purchase JC related items and designs for new cuts.

The 5 JC Daily Quests are:

  • A Present for Lila – In this quest all you need to do is cut and turn in three Timeless Nightstones.
  • Nibbler! No! – In this quest all you need to do is cut and turn in three Solid Zephyrites.
  • Ogrezonians in the Mood – In this quest all you need to do is cut and turn in three Jagged Jaspers.
  • Elemental Goo – In this quest you need to collect 10 Elemental Goo from Elementals that are scattered all over the new Cataclysm zones and dungeons.
    • This often can be completed by simply queuing and completing your daily Heroic or Dungeon since most Cataclysm Heroics and Dungeons will contain elementals of some sort.
  • The Latest Fashion – In this quest you need to test the Stardust No .2 on 10 humanoid subjects.
    • My personal favorite because it can be completed in a matter of seconds, just run around spamming the Stardust on yourself, the quest gives in front of you, any other players doing the JC quest/standing near by and the closest pair of Stormwind Guards if need be.

Some things to note:

  • The JC Dailies are the same for Alliance and Horde, I just happened to link the Alliance quests above.
  • Minimum JC level to unlock the dailies is 475
  • The “A Present for Lila”, “Nibbler! No!” and “Ogrezonians in the Mood” quests require you to cut the gems after you have acquired the quest. You cannot pre-craft them or buy them off the AH (it only completes half the quest objectives).
  • Perfect Gems do not count.
  • Everyone on your server gets the same daily.

It should be quite clear to you now how you can take advantage of this.

  1. Keep a full stack or two of Nightstone, Zephyrite and Jasper in your bags or bank.
  2. On days that the daily is the one that needs Nightstone, Zephyrite and Jasper, be sure to throw a good chunk of yours up on the AH for inflated prices. Post most of them in groups of 3 for increase convenience of your buyers as well. Most people are willing to pay an extra 10-15g for a chunk of 3 than have to buy them 3 times.
  3. Try stock up on Nightone, Zephyrite and Jasper on days that they are not the daily (prices will be much lower) or from prospecting ore. If you follow some form of Elementium/Obsidium/Pyrite Ore shuffle, then subtracting a couple of gems here and there from your profits shouldn’t affect it too much, and you will get those profits back from selling the gems on the daily day as well.
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