Enchanting – Just Entered the Market

I’ve just entered a market that I have been particularly avoiding for some reason ever since the beginning of Wrath. That market is enchanting and enchant scrolls, and I must say I am finally enjoying it and definitely reaping the benefits. I will post some of my tips about my current Enchanting Strategies later on in my blog.

After just a couple days I had just over 30,000gold worth of enchant scrolls up on the Auction House and had already sold about15,000 gold worth of them. The great thing was, about half of these scrolls were made out of materials that had been sitting in my bank since WOTLK and throughout Cataclysm.

My strategy is pretty simple, I spent a couple of days studying the market and the cost prices, remembering where all the mats came from etc and then jumped right in. I have quite a solid price database in both Auctioneer and TradeSkillMaster so that is a huge help.

I setup all my TradeSkillMaster Enchanting Groups by following Zoxy’s Guide on TSM AH Profession Groups Setup – Easy Mode (basically you have a group for each and every enchant, and all that is housed under one Enchanting category).

Run a TSM Scan for Enchanting Profession, open your TSM Tradeskill Window and queue those suckers up. I have a good estimate on pricing so I can normally spot if the price or profit for a certain enchant looks a bit odd. I also know which enchants generally are needed the most and sell the best so can choose how many of each I want to craft.

Usually I craft 3 at a time though.

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