Handy Milling and Prospecting Macros

A while ago I got fed up of clicking on milling, finding the damn herbs in my bags and then clicking on them, waiting for it to mill then repeating the process. So I decided to compile a list of Prospecting and Milling Macros.

Milling Macro 1: Pre-BC Herbs

  • /cast Milling
  • /use Earthroot
  • /use Peacebloom
  • /use Silverleaf
  • /use Mageroyal
  • /use Briarthorn
  • /use Swiftthistle
  • /use Bruiseweed
  • /use Stranglekelp
  • /use Wild Steelbloom
  • /use Grave Moss
  • /use Kingsblood
  • /use Liferoot
  • /use Dragon’s Teeth
  • /use Fadeleaf

Milling Macro 2: Pre-BC Herbs

  • /cast Milling
  • /use Goldthorn
  • /use Khadgar’s Whisker
  • /use Firebloom
  • /use Purple Lotus
  • /use Arthas’ Tears
  • /use Sungrass
  • /use Blindweed
  • /use Ghost Mushroom
  • /use Gromsblood
  • /use Golden Sansam
  • /use Dreamfoil
  • /use Mountain Silversage
  • /use Sorrowmoss
  • /use Icecap

Milling 3: TBC Herbs

  • /cast Milling
  • /use Dreaming Glory
  • /use Felweed
  • /use Terocone
  • /use Ragveil
  • /use Ancient Lichen
  • /use Mana Thistle
  • /use Netherbloom
  • /use Nightmare Vine

Milling 4: WOTLK + Cataclysm Herbs

  • /cast Milling
  • /use Deadnettle
  • /use Goldclover
  • /use Talandra’s Rose
  • /use Tiger Lily
  • /use Fire Leaf
  • /use Fire Seed
  • /use Adder’s Tongue
  • /use Icethorn
  • /use Lichbloom
  • /use Cinderbloom
  • /use Stormvine
  • /use Azshara’s Veil
  • /use Heartblossom
  • /use Twilight Jasmine

Prospecting 1: Pre-BC, TBC, WOTLK and Cataclysm Ore

  • /cast Prospecting
  • /use Copper Ore
  • /use Tin Ore
  • /use Iron Ore
  • /use Mithril Ore
  • /use Thorium Ore
  • /use Fel Iron Ore
  • /use Adamantite Ore
  • /use Cobalt Ore
  • /use Saronite Ore
  • /use Titanium Ore
  • /use Obsidium Ore
  • /use Elementium Ore
  • /use Pyrite Ore

What I do then is, I put my macros on my second Action Bar (you should be able to just go SHIFT + Mouse Scroll Up/Down to switch the action bars, even on default Blizzard UI).

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