Catching up on Achievements

A RL friend of mine ingame and I have decided to put a little bit of time aside each week to catch up a bit on some of the achievements that we have missed out on in the past. For me my character was a RAF Boost Baby just intime for Cataclysm and for him, he quit wow during TBC and came back first week of Cataclysm (on a different character).

So we have both missed a significant amount of achievements, some of them really simply too such as the Classic Dungeon Master, etc.

Past week I have achieved in my spare time now:

  • Of The Shattered Sun Title (woop di doo 1000g downt he drain haha)
  • The Guardian of Cenarius Title (I was already exalted with CE, just had to do the CC grind)
  • The Diplomat Title (That’s Timerbaw, Sporeggar and Kurenai Factions Exalted – I was already exalted with Kurenai)
  • The Explorer Title (After exploring just about the whole world,then realizing that when in the Draenei starting area + their next zone, the BE starting area + their next zone and Ghostlands, you cannot use your flying mount…really suuuucks)
  • Some Ulduar Achievements
  • Some Naxxramas Achievements
  • Some ICC Achievements
  • Classic Dungeon Master
  • And a couple of other smaller ones

I have many more lined up and will post some of them as I go along.

It’s a nice way to de-stress, just flying around peacefully snagging all these easy achievements or reveling in nostalgic memory of all the old instances.

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