My Inspirations

About a year ago, I got the idea into my head that I wanted to start a blog. I registered the domain, chose my theme, made a few posts, but before I actually released it to the public I decided to call it off, partly because I was just very busy in RL and partly because I just didn’t feel ready to start it up yet. Didn’t have enough connections or confidence etc.

My main inspiration for blogging originated from Saate over at His was the first blog that I actually followed on a daily/weekly basis. I bumped into him on a World of Warcraft forum and we have kept in touch on skype ever since. I was completely hooked by the quality of material that he wrong and he passions for specific things within World of Warcraft.

I recommend you check his blog out when you have a chance. He has a bit for everyone on there.

So after reading Saate’s blog, I knew that I wanted to combine blogging with my gold making experience and decided that I wanted to create a Gold Guide Blog of some sort.

I came across Tella’s Blog at and was completely fascinated with the idea of documenting the journey to the gold cap, and Tella is infact now sitting on her amazing goal of over 1 million gold.
I one sitting, I read through her ENTIRE blog, from post number one right up to the end.

Although she no longer updates the blog, and some of the methods/addons used are a bit out of date, I still recommend that you go give it a read from beginning to end if you are new to making gold and want to get a very good perspective of how it should be done.

Ok so a year later now and I’m back to starting my own blog, with fierce determination, a solid plan of action this time and a mean post lineup.

There are three WoW Gold Bloggers in specific that I have managed to develop a decent relationship with over these past few months, mostly thanks to The Consortium’s IRC Channel.

I proudly present to you Anaalius from, Zoxy from and The Gold Queen from

I would also like to add a shoutout to The MMOwned Forums and The Consortium Forums which have both played a big roll in developing and maintaining my interest in World of Warcraft and are both great communities.

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