Guest Post: New Money-Making Project of Goblins from Gadgetzan

This is a guest post of sorts as well as a shoutout to

sT@N, one of MMOwned’s NewsTeam Members wrote a very interesting and original article about something that I don’t think got enough love for its value.

The Irony is people who like to make a lot of gold in World of Warcraft often give themselves the nickname of a  “goblin” (even before Goblins were added as a race to World of Warcraft). Goblins are notorious for never doing anything for anyone unless it brings them a profit.

Therefore this big event that they are doing must be to reap a profit of some sorts too. From the looks of the screenshots, maybe it’s a car mount-wash?

Frankly, this is the first time I see a mob washing another one. I clearly do not know anything about their aims with the poor mammoths, but someone should better call D.E.H.T.A. !

Anyways here is a bit of the article for you to read:

Feralas seems to be the next zone, where the Gadgetzan goblins are extending their business. Located at the very south of Feralas, Patch 4.1 adds a little town and a beach.

Here is the screenshot of the zone as of now, before the patch. It’s rather dull anduninhabited.

This is how the area looks now. Once dull, now a beach! What an awesome idea.There are many mobs (from humans through orcs) having a tan and swimming, if you talk to them, they will complain about how expensive that place is.

The article contains 14 Screenshots in total, a few with some very amusing titles too 😛

You can read the full post over at MMOwned: New Money-Making Projects of Goblins from Gadgetzan.

Great article sT@N!

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