Update: My Current WoW Progress and Gold Situation

Previously I made a blog post about My Current Situation back in April this year, and boy have I come a long way. Funny thing though is that my main character’s gear has hardly changed at all!

  • Unholyshield – Level 85 Warrior – Jewelcrafting and Blacksmithing
  • Sinshroud – Level 85 Shaman – Inscription and Enchanting
  • Duskshroud – Level 85 Death Knight – Herbalism and Alchemy
  • Lightshroud – Level 85 Paladin – Mining and Engineering
  • Shadeshroud – Level 85 Priest – Leatherworking and Alchemy
  • Moonshroud – Level 70 Druid – Tailoring and want Enchanting
  • Unholypower – Level 70 Mage (second account)
  • Volksworgen – Level 66 Rogue
  • Unholyfury – Level 60 Rogue (second account)
  • Shieldshroud – Level 55 Warrior
  • Some other bank characters that you don’t need to know ^.^
Currently I’ve passed the gold cap and am sitting on 1 Million 109 Thousand liquid Gold and approximately a net value of 1 Million 360 Thousand gold overall.
 My L70 Mage, L70 Druid and L60 Rogue are all twinks, so I tend to keep them at that level. I may decide to level the druid since I’m getting really addicted to instant flight form. I plan to level the L66 Rogue to L85 when I have time, and possibly delete the L55 warrior to level a Warlock to 85 too.
That’s it for now, more updates coming soon though.
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  1. My largest flaw as a gold maker in this game is the fact that I can’t stand leveling usually. Good work!

    And if you ever run out of toons to level I could supply some :P

    • Hehe thanks.

      Ye my secret is just only leveling with rested XP on / heirlooms / RAF (only to 60). I usually just BG or Dungeon grind now though since I’m so bored of the quests. Oh and having a few seasons of a good new series to watch always helps.

  2. Sick profile!! Surprised you have so many 85s…

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